Volume 7 Issue 1 | March 2017
How to Use KPIs to Grow Your Dental Practice
February 2017 By Angie Walters Dental practices are certainly in abundance, with new practices seeming to open up almost weekly. With so much competition in the area, it is more important than ever not just to provide professional service, but also… Continue
How to Avoid Ransomware from Threatening Your Dental Practice
February 2017 Imagine opening an email and suddenly finding that you are locked out of all your dental patient files. That’s exactly what happened to a dentist in Atlanta last year. The situation is becoming more common as hackers look for new ways… Continue
Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice and Avoid a Stagnant Income
February 2017 By Erick Cutler Dental revenue has remained relatively flat in recent years, leading many dentists to wonder if the industry as a whole is in decline. Despite a tight economy, it is still possible for dental professionals to grow their practices… Continue