Volume 6 Issue 4 | November 2016
Although a Non-Dentist May Be Prohibited from Owning a Dental Practice, There Is a Way for Financial Participation
November 2016 By Erick Cutler The majority of dental practices are either owned by solo practitioners or a collective of dentists that can operate out of a single office or from a number of individual sites. These businesses are generally… Continue
The Ins and Outs of Leasing Versus Buying Office Equipment for Your Dental Practice
November 2016 By Erick Cutler Although it's known as a dental practice, you are really running a business. To create a thriving practice with a growing base of recurring patients, you have to make some hard decisions about investing in… Continue
Using Video to Market Your Dental Practice
November 2016 By Janis Peiser You don’t need an online business to benefit from online marketing practices. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing methods can lead traffic to your website where visitors decide if your practice is right for… Continue