Volume 6 Issue 2 | May 2016
What to do After a Dental Data Breach
May 2016 With big healthcare names such as Anthem taking up all the cyber-attack spotlight, it can be too easy to forget that dental data is just as valuable and just as vulnerable as general medical data — that is,… Continue
Why Understanding Cash Flow is Essential to Your Dental Practice
May 2016 By: Erick Cutler In the past I’ve covered dental financial statements, but now I want to address the topic of why exactly you should care about a specific financial concept in your dental practice, and that’s cash flow.… Continue
4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a New Dental Associate
May 2016 By: Erick Cutler Whether this is your first time considering the associate option or you’ve walked this road before, bringing on a new associate to your practice means big changes for you, your employees, and your practice as… Continue