How a Solo Dental Practitioner Can Compete With the Big Dogs

September 29, 2017

DSOs have huge advantages over solo practitioners. Big organizations are able to fund lengthy marketing campaigns and put top dollars into their practice’s growth. So how can small dental practices compete with the big companies?

In an article from Dentistry iQ, author Bill Donato writes, “Ignoring the DSOs and focusing on what you do best can work, but consider this: every new patient for the DSOs is a loss for your practice. However, there are easy ways for solo practitioners to compete without digging deep into their pockets for marketing”.

In the article Donato discusses:

  • Telling your story
  • Stopping the presses
  • Using social media the right way
  • Getting reviewed

Donato continues, “There’s only a small pool of patients out there to target. Even if revenue is high for your practice, a competing DSO can be building up its cliental by using an assortment of strategies executed by their marketing department. However, this article should arm you with some strategies of your own to become a worthy adversary”. What strategies can you use to attract new patients?

To read more, see the full article from Bill Donato in Dentistry iQ.

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