Importance of a Company’s Track Record in Selecting Dental Practice Management Software

September 14, 2017

Finding the perfect practice management software is a daunting task for any dental practice. Looking at a company’s track record can provide serious insight as to if a company is right for you.

In an article from Dentistry iQ, author Brian Quinn writes, “Your practice management system (PMS) is the most crucial piece of software in your dental practice. Not only does it help streamline your documentation processes, it also helps create treatment plans, schedule patient visits, and manage your collections. When your practice management system experiences downtime, it can often result in downtime for your practice as well”.

In this article author Brian Quinn discusses:

  • New software may lack key functionality
  • New companies may go out of business
  • When is it OK to go off the beaten path

Quinn continues, “Remember, when it comes to selecting your primary dental PMS system, experimenting with new, less well-known options introduces significant risk without much reward”. What practice management software does your dental practice use?

To read more, see the full article from Brian Quinn in Dentistry iQ.

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