How Ignoring Patient Complaints Can Hurt Your Dental Practice

September 8, 2017

Patient complaints can be constructive, but also harmful. Ignoring patient feedback can wind up hurting your dental practice in the long run. An article from Dentistry iQ explains why you should take complaints from your patients seriously.

Author Sally McKenzie writes, “If you routinely ignore complaints, it tells your patients you don’t really value their opinions or care about their experiences. Not only that, but if one patient is upset about something, there’s a pretty good chance there are others who feel the same way who aren’t taking the time to tell you”.

In this article McKenzie discusses:

  • Patients finding a new dental home
  • Missing an opportunity for growth
  • Missing out on referrals

McKenzie continues, “While patient complaints can be a little irritating, ignoring them will only hurt your practice. Once you and your team members start taking complaints seriously, you’ll see positive changes in your practice, changes that lead to loyal, happy patients and a more robust bottom line”. Has your dental practice had any recent patient complaints that you can work to improve on?

To read more, see the full article from Sally McKenzie in Dentistry iQ.  

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