4 ‘Keys’ For Getting Dental Patients to ‘Yes!’

The idea of presenting treatment options to a patient can be nerve racking. Learning key communication skills can go a long way towards getting your patients to say yes to the treatment you are recommending. But on top of getting your patient to say yes, you need to be confident your patient will follow through with scheduling an appointment.

In an article from Dentistry IQ author Scott Keys writes, “After analyzing my treatment presentation process, I discovered four simple keys that every dentist can do to help patients make better decisions without feeling coerced into treatment”.

Scott’s four keys are:

  • Using digital photography
  • Exceeding patients’ expectations of the dental experience
  • Being available
  • Meeting patients where they are

Scott continues, “As dentists, we may feel rewarded just knowing that we did the right thing for our patients for the right reasons. We have the ability to help people and make a difference in their dental experiences and even in their overall lives”. How can you use these four keys to get your patients to say ‘yes’?

To read more, see the full article from Scott Keys in Dentistry IQ.

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