How to tell if it is Time to Raise Fees in Your Dental Practice

The common thought is that increasing the costs of a trip to your dental practice will drive current and potential patients away. In fact, it might do the exact opposite. According to an article from Dentistry IQ, it may even boost your bottom line.

Author Sally McKenzie writes, “Dentist often do not want to raise their fees for fear it will drive away patients. In fact, raising fees will actually increase patient confidence because they’ll know the practice strives to stay up-to-date”.

McKenzie offers some advice for when it may be time to raise your prices:

  • Your fees are the lowest in your area
  • You have no idea how your fees compare to other dentist in your community
  • Your fees are all over the place
  • You’re falling short financially

According to McKenzie, “The truth is, patients expect you to raise your fees. As long as you keep the increase reasonable and you focus on delivering exceptional care, they won’t think twice about paying a little more for your services”. Is it time to raise the fees of your dental practice?

To read more, see the full article from Sally McKenzie in Dentistry IQ.

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