How to Build Effective Dental Teams

As dentists deal with the hustle and bustle of running a practice, complex situations are always popping up. According to an article from Dentistry Today, most dental practices face enormous challenges everyday. The author of the article, Sam Simos, points out that “Every day in every office there exist complexity on top of complexity”.

In this complex environment dental teams are challenged with two main difficulties. Simos writes that “While there are many ways to cultivate your team for success, few strategies will be of significance unless you motivate and empower your team members rather than point a finger at any one individual or add size to the already out-of-control, snowballing dysfunction within the office”.

In this article, Simos addresses:

  • The two main difficulties dental practices face
  • How to use checklists to strengthen communication
  • Advice on how to build effective teams

Although dental practices face daily challenges, using the tools and advice in this article will help limit the mistakes that can arise from these challenges. Simos writes, “[Checklist] can help to engage and empower individual team members to make decisions, reduce stress, increase efficiencies, and to create accountability”.

To read more, see the full article from Sam Simos in Dentistry Today.

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